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Our business in the field of ophthalmology

Ophthalmology Business

Evolving Kaneka Lacrimal Duct Tube

Kaneka Medix Corporation started the business in the field of ophthalmology in October 1994 and has been developing products for the treatments of lacrimal duct. We are proud that we have been engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Kaneka Lacrimal Duct Tubes, and that the products have been highly recognized for ophthalmic treatment in Japan. Our aim is to restore the lacrimal duct of patients suffering from epiphora to the original active condition and to resolve patients’ various concerns deriving from the disease in the lacrimal duct.

Lacrimal Duct Tube
 lacrimal duct tube

The new Kaneka Lacrimal Duct Tube “Lacrifast” offers smooth insertion and stability during placement in the lacrimal duct. The Lacrifast enables opening of occluded lacrimal duct that had been a great burden for patients and required high technical skills of physicians to treat it. We continue devoting to R&D for patients suffering from eye disease through further improvement of the lacrimal duct tube and development of user-friendly ophthalmic medical devices.

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