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Blood Purification

We provide high-quality blood purification products to patients with diseases that are difficult to treat with medication.

Kaneka Medix’s Blood Purification System entered practical use in 1986, with business both at home and abroad. The system is used domestically in blood purification centers (dialysis rooms) mainly at major hospital in Japan, by many patients who have difficulty reaching a treatment goal with medication. The system is especially indicated for vascular lesions caused by cardiac or peripheral arteriosclerosis, renal diseases, and collagen disease, and has shown considerable efficacy in treatment. Devices for treating complications specific to dialysis patients contribute to improving ADL (activities of daily living). Specifically, we mainly develop and supply the following three products.


LIPOSORBER is an adsorber that selectively binds and removes bad cholesterol that causes cardiac diseases such as myocardial infarction. We commercialized it in 1986, and successfully put it to practical use in a new blood purification system (LDL adsorption) as an extracorporeal circulation system combined with our "Sulflux" membrane plasma separator.


SELESORB, introduced after LIPOSORBER, is an adsorber for treating patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It selectively removes pathogenic agents such as anti-DNA antibodies, and has shown itself to be effective for patients with diseases that are difficult to treat with conventional therapies (medications)./p>

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Long-term dialysis treatment causes an accumulation of a protein called beta 2-microglobulin in joints, which results in dialysis-related amyloidosis with joint pain.
To reduce these symptoms, in 1996 we developed the medical device LIXELLE to selectively adsorb and remove causal beta 2-microbglobulin. Using LIXELLE together with dialysis has consistently been demonstrated as effective at relieving joint pain.

We continue to develop and commercialize new medical devices to help patients in difficult situations with intractable diseases, complementing the three main products outlined above.

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Blood purification