Product Information

SILASCON® Duple Drain (Connection Type)

Product Name

SILASCON® Duple Drain (Connection Type)
SILASCON Duple Drain (Connection Type)

Product Features

Efficient Drainage
The catheter configuration with multiple side-holes ensures efficient drainage.
Effective drainage is ensured even for drain with higher viscosity.
The large diameter lumen ensures effective drainage even for drain with higher viscosity.
Easy to secure the drainage-route
The drain has moderate stiffness, which ensures easy drainage-route securement.
Equipped with radiopaque line-marker
The radiopaque line-marker makes it possible to confirm the drain position.

Product Specifications

The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.

Size (mm) Packing Unit
Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Minimum Inner Diameter
of Connection Tube
Total Length
525-6N 3.2 6.0 8.0 400 10 pieces/box
525-8N 5.2 8.0 8.0 400 10 pieces/box
525-10N 6.8 10.0 8.0 400 10 pieces/box

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