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Thrombuster II 6Fr,7Fr

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Thrombuster II 6Fr,7Fr
Thrombuster II 6Fr,7Fr image
Thrombuster II 6Fr,7Fr image
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Product Features

Improved Aspiration
Aspiration is improved by lowering flow resistance with "large" and "circular" aspiration lumen.
Improved Flexibility
The flexibility of the distal shaft was improved by shortening the wire lumen.

Smooth Insertion into Vessels
Smooth insertion into vessels is ensured because of the hydrophilic coating over the first 30 cm from the tip.
Added Kink Resistance
Pushability and kink resistance are added by use of a removable core wire.

Product Specifications

Minimum inner diameter of compatible guiding catheter (inch/mm) Maximum compatible guidewire (inch) Shaft diameter, outer diameter (Fr)/inner diameter (mm) Wire lumen (mm) Effective length of shaft (mm)
Distal Proximal Maximum outer diameter Length
T2R6SA4W 0.070/1.78 0.014 3.9/1.00 3.9/1.10 1.70 10 1400
T2R6MD4W 0.070/1.78 0.014 4.1/1.05 4.2/1.18 1.70 100 1400
T2R7SA4W 0.080/2.03 0.014 4.5/1.20 4.6/1.32 1.90 10 1400
T2R7MA4W 0.080/2.03 0.014 4.5/1.20 4.6/1.32 1.90 100 1400

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