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  • Complex ExtraSoft・Soft・MediumSoft・Standard

    • Complex ExtraSoft・Soft・MediumSoft・Standard
  • Complex ∞ SilkySoft

    • Complex ∞ SilkySoft
  • Complex SilkySoft

    • Complex SilkySoft
  • 14∞ ExtraSoft・Soft・Standard

    • 14∞ ExtraSoft・Soft・Standard
  • Electro Detach Generator v4

    • Electro Detach Generator v4

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Production Features

Complex ExtraSoft・Soft・MediumSoft・Standard

Framing that is stable & easily fits into aneurysms
  • Designed to sit in open space
    The distal coil shape spreads along the aneurysm wall & the proximal coil shape provides support from the inside.
  • Coil designs optimized according to size
    Combination of Primary Coil Diameter & length for easy delivery & stability.

Complex ∞ SilkySoft

New concept filing coils
  • 12 Coil Type SilkySoft
    A soft coil with a 0.012” Primary Coil Diameter for volume maximization.
  • Filling coil that moves into space with ease
    Large loops that can fold tightly, configure according to the size of the space and pack them.
  • Greater volume gain performance with a single coil
    Due to the Waving SR and softness of the SilkySoft, the coil can fold compactly enabling choice of longer coils possible.

Complex SilkySoft

Pursuit of softness, SilkySoft
  • 3D & Helical Hybrid
    Straight, in-line structure coil design searches for space while entwined with other coils.
  • Softest coil in our product history
    Soft coils & the Waving SR makes tight packing & minimal catheter kick-back possible.

14∞ ExtraSoft・Soft・Standard

New concept multi-utility coils
  • Low Shape-Memory
    Outward behavior coils actively seek open space, fitting into various size & shape aneurysms.
    Possible to select longer length coils, regardless of Secondary Coil Diameter, enabling volume maximization with fewer coils.
  • Utility player coil in various situations
    Applicable in Stent Assist / Vessel Occlusions / Dissecting Aneurysm / dAVF / Sinus Packing.
  • Easy choice of coils in use with stents
    Coil selection by length & softness.


EDGv4 indicates by Sound and Light to signal the best Detach Point even when position of 2nd marker of Microcatheter is not detectable under X-Ray Fluoroscopy.

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