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ED COIL14 standard

Product Name

ED COIL14 standard
ED COIL coil-14 standard

Product Features

The coil with 0.014 inch primary coil-diameter may provide sufficient coil embolization with a small number of coils.
The random coil apreading with the αSpiral structure enables to change direction of the coil expanding in accordance with the shape of the wall of the aneurysm.
Strong framing by the unique αSpiral structure resitant to external pressure.
By the random coil spreading with the αSpiral structure, it also plays an role as the filling coil that supports the coil for framing.
Suitable for both flaming and filling:
≤ 6 mm (small pitch): suitable for filling
≥ 7 mm (large pitch): suitable for both framing and filling
The unique αSpiral coil structure provides random coil movement by deflection according to the aneurysm wall

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Procedural Guidance
Procedural Guidance

Ordering Information

coil diameter
coil diameter
coil length
350-0209R 0.014 2 9
350-0312R 0.014 3 12
350-0412R 0.014 4 12
350-0515R 0.014 5 15
350-0620R 0.014 6 20
350-0720R 0.014 7 20
350-0730R 0.014 7 30
350-0820R 0.014 8 20
350-0830R 0.014 8 30
350-0930R 0.014 9 30
350-1030R 0.014 10 30
350-1230R 0.014 12 30

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