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Selesorb Image *This is English translation of web-site intended for viewers in Japan. Therefore, products shown may not be qualified for supply outside of Japan. Please send us message if you have any inquiries pertaining to products approval or supply outside of Japan.

Product Features

Highly Selective Adsorption
Highly selectively binds anti-DNA antibodies, immune complexes and anti-cardiolipin antibodies.
No Supply of Substitution Fluid such as Albumin Solution
This system does not require supply of substitution fluid such as albumin solution, except in special cases, because of low adsorption of plasma proteins such as albumin.

Available to Subjects with a Wide Range of Body Weight
Available to subjects with a wide range of body weight because extracorporeal volume is small due to the small volume of the absorber (150 ml).
Practically No Limitation on Treatment Volume of Plasma
Treatment volume of plasma is optionally set by changing the frequency of regeneration.

Product Specificaitons

Material (loaded volume) Dextran sulfate immobilized cellulose gel (150 mL)
Sterilization Autoclave (121°C, 20 min)
Priming solution Citric acid/Sodium citrate solution

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