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Product Features

Comfortable Operational Feeling
A large (12.1-inch) color LCD operation panel provise improved operability and response of the touch-panel.
Memory Card Slot Featured
With the treatment data logging function, data of the operation status, alarm history, blood pressure fluctuation, etc. can be memorized in a compact flash memory card and retrieved on a PC (in Excel format).

Safety in accordance with Global Standard
The safety monitoring function that complies with the international standard (IEC 6060-1) is featured, wherein two microprocessors always monitor the safety of the treatment.
Setting-up of Optional Functions available
The automatic blood pressure monitor and the nurse call unit, which enable constant monitoring of the patient's state can be set up as optional functions.

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Product Specifications

Outer Dimensions (W)440×(D)345×(H)1370mm
Electric Ratings Rated voltage/frequency
Max. power consumption
100V AC50/60Hz
Weight About 77kg
Pump Blood pump
Plasma pump
Replacement fluid pump
Perfusion pump
7 to 200mL/min
4 to 90mL/min
4 to 90mL/min
0.0 to 10.0mL/hour
Monitor / Operation Panel TFT color LCD with touching keys (12.1-inch display)
Pressure monitor Arterial pressure
Venous pressure
Blood inlet pressure
Plasma pressure
Plasma inlet pressure
Replacement fluid pressure
Plasma outlet pressure
-300 to +300mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
-200 to +600mmHg
Blood Warmer Plate type 35.0~39.0°C
Fluid Detectors Air bubbles
Liquid exhaustion
Waste liquid concentration
Blood leakage
Ultrasonic detector
Ultrasonic detector
Ultrasonic detector
Conductivity detector
Optical detector
Data Logging unit With CF (compact flash) card
Optional Specifications
Blood-pressure Gauge (Non-invasive Type) Nurse call unit

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