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Taper Drain

Product Name

Taper Drain
Taper Drain

Product Features

One-Piece Extrusion Molded
Penrose structure in the distal part and the simple tube at the proximal end are Integrated by one-piece extrusion molding.
Less irritating
The tip is soft and less irritating to body tissues.
Reliable Fixing on Skin
The catheter wall is designed thicker toward the proximal part and fixing on the skin can be done reliably.
Easy Connection to Drainage Bag
Proximal tube part has no inside ridge, which enables easy connection to the drainage bag.
Ridges on the inner lumen gives anti-kinking property.
With Radiopaque Line
The radiopaque line enables to confirm the drain position.

Product Specifications

The Taper Drain is sterilized by ethylene oxide.

Size (mm) Packing
Outer Diameter Length
523-8N 8.5 350 10 pieces/box
523-10N 10.0 350 10 pieces/box

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