Product Information

SILASCON® Subdural Drainage (with clamp)

Product Name

SILASCON® Subdural Drainage (with clamp)

Product Features

Closed System
The closed system prevents the subdural space from directly contacting with any external environment.
Moderate Flexibility
The subdural drainage catheter has moderate flexibility and is kink-resistant.
Less irritating to body tissues and superior antithrombogenicity
The subdural drainage catheter is made of silicon rubber and has less irritation to the body tissues and superior antithrombogenicity.
Insertion Depth Visible
Blue line-markers by 1cm-interval between 3 cm through 15 cm from the distal tip enables to check the insertion depth of the catheter.
Radiopaque Tip
The catheter tip is radiopaque and visible under X-ray fluoroscopy.
MRI Safe
No magnetic metal parts is used and the SILASCON® Subdural Drainage is MRI or CT safe with no influence on MRI or CT image.

Product Specifications

The SILASCON® Subdural Drainage is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.

Size Description Packing
785-5A E-5L-10 Subdural drainage catheter: 1 piece
(Inner diameter 2.1 mm; Outer diameter 3.5 mm; Length 80 cm; Number of side-holes; 10)
Plastic connector: 1 piece
Three-way stopcock: 1 piece
Closed type drainage bag: 1 piece
(Capacity: 500 ml; with a male lure-lock connector and a clamp)
5 catheters/box

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