Product Information

SILASCON® Extradural Drainage Set (with clamp)

Product Name

SILASCON® Extradural Drainage Set (with clamp)

Product Features

Closed System
The closed system prevents the epidural space from directly contacting with external environment.
Efficient Drainage
The drainage catheter with 20 side-holes at the tip ensures efficient drainage.
Backflow Prevention
The closed type drainage bag is equipped with a backflow prevention valve.
Set Product for a Procedure
The product is available as a set including a drainage catheter, a three-way stopcock, a drainage bag, and a clamp are packaged for immediate use.
MRI Safe
No magnetic metal parts is used and the SILASCON® Extradural Drainage Set is MRI or CT safe with no influence on MRI or CT image.

Product Specifications

The SILASCON® Extradural Drainage Set is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas.

Description Packing
780-4A Extradural drainage catheter: 1 piece
(Inner diameter 2.1 mm; Outer diameter 4.0 mm; Length 80 cm)
Plastic connecting needle: 1 piece
Three-way stopcock: 1 piece
Closed type drainage bag: 1 piece
(Capacity: 500 ml; with a clamp)
5 sets/box

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