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SILASCON® L-P Shunt K type

Product Name

SILASCON® L-P Shunt K type
SILASCONSILASCON L-P Shunt K type imag *This is English translation of web-site intended for viewers in Japan. Therefore, products shown may not be qualified for supply outside of Japan. Please send us message if you have any inquiries pertaining to products approval or supply outside of Japan.

Product Features

Non-Invasive to the Brain
The catheter can be inserted into subarachnoidal space percutaneously without invasion of the brain parenchyma.
Non-Invasive to the Cerebral Aqueduct
V-A or V-P shunts sometimes cause cerebral aqueduct obstructions that can change communicating hydrocephalus to non-communicating type. The L-P shunt does not cause such complications.

Product Specifications

A SILASCON® L-P Shunt K type and its elements are supplied in a sterile package.

Description Packing
700-1N Lumbar puncture needle (14G) 1
Lumbar catheter 1
Stainless connector (shoulder type) 1
Double chamber flushing system 1
Stainless connector (straight type) 1
Peritoneum catheter 1

* Includes 1 peritoneum catheter for either medium, high or low pressure.

medium pressure 1 set/box
700-2N high pressure
700-3N low pressure

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